Neumz is the only complete recording of all Gregorian Chant in the world. More than 7000 hours in an App for iOS and Android.

The entire Gregorian chant repertory, recorded by the community of Benedictine nuns of the Abbey of Notre-Dame de Fidélité of Jouques, in French Provence.

 Each chant is synchronised with its square-note score, the Latin text, and its translation into the user’s language.

Neumz is the first and only complete recording and the first complete digital resource for liturgical materials. The contents of the Psalter, Lectionary, Collectary, Antiphonary, Responsoriary, and Gradual are assembled into a 21st-century multimedia “Liber Digitalis”.


05 January 2021
Benedictine nuns release Gregorian chants to help ease coronavirus isolation

“… the recordings of clear unaccompanied voices are speckled with authentic sounds such as the creak of wooden benches, the occasional coughing or dropping of prayer books and bell chimes.”

05 January 2021
A superior effort to record 7,000 hours of nuns’ chants

“French Benedictine nuns have posted on the internet more than 7,000 hours of Gregorian chants after agreeing to take part in what is said to be the biggest recording project in history.”

05 January 2021
Odradek Records has launched an ambitious three-year project

“The Neumz project sees recordings by the nuns of Provence’s Abbey of Notre-Dame de Fidélité de Jouques paired with original notation and words, translated into the user’s language. There will be the equivalent of 7,000 discs worth of music available to discover, with an iOS and Android app planned later in 2020.”

05 January 2021
French Benedictine nuns release 7,000 hours of Gregorian chant

“An abbey of French Benedictine nuns is taking part in the largest recording project in history, bringing the complete Gregorian chant to the modern world and breathing new life into an extraordinary 1,200-year-old tradition.”